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Dams, water, TCFD and pricing climate risk  

Climate Resilience is a specialist asset, water and climate consultancy assisting clients to minimise risk and maximise opportunit.

We provide expert advice in climate disclosure, dam safety, hydrology and governance focused on managing risk, now and into the future as we work together to adjust and adapt to the changed climate.  

Integrating expert flood, climate, infrastructure and water knowledge with corporate governance and risk management experience, we facilitate informed decision making

We help clients explore beyond assumptions to investigate what is credible now, and in the future to bridge the gap between the variability of climate, vital decisions and good outcomes.

Our Services

What we do


Dams Safety and Governance

 Floods and Water

• Flood Forecasting

• Flood risk and exposure

• Flood warning systems
• Water account/measuring
• Water resource allocation
• Operational hydrology
• Seasonal forecasts
• Peer review
• Training courses

Climate  & Risk management

• TCFD (Financial Disclosure)
• Business continuity
Climate adaptation 
• CAPEX/risk frameworks
• Strategic planning integration
• Policy development
• Mock exercise design

• Contract risk pricing -climate

• Contract risk pricing - wet


• Dam safety frameworks

Comprehensive risk

• Portfolio risk
• Board advisory
• Construction risk
• Peer Review
• ALARP demonstration

• Expert witness

• Mock exercises



With more than 20 years of technical and executive experience, James is a national leader in management of water resources and natural hazards.

James is one of Australia’s most experienced operational hydrologists. He has learned his craft preparing for and predicting floods through major weather events in Queensland since 2009 combined with dam safety and asset management since 2014. James has gained unique experience through roles, projects and high-pressure situations involving technical, compliance stakeholder, communication, strategic, cultural and community elements.


He was accountable for ensuring the risk reduction through demolition at Paradise Dam, has led operational teams through 2 of only 7 Category 5 cyclones in Australia and was called out by the Premier in the Queensland Parliament for his role in the 2011 Queensland flood crisis. 

Formerly Manager of Queensland Flood Warning and Forecasting at the Bureau of Meteorology, and, more recently, Executive General Manager at Sunwater where he was accountable for water resources and dam safety, James’ diverse expertise enables a unique insight to management of natural hazards.

He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Queensland and Victoria; a Fellow of Engineers Australia; a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng); a Graduate of Australian Institute Company Directors (GAICD), and a certified Business Continuity Professional (BCI). He has a MSc Hydrology and is also a Chartered Engineer in the UK and New Zealand.

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