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Dam Safety Governance

Climate Resilience was founded by James (Jimmy) Stuart who is an expert in dam safety governance having been accountable and responsible for 21 large referable dams across Queensland, as Executive for the Water Resources and Dam Safety function at Sunwater. Climate Resilience is a proud member of ANCOLD.

Over 25 years of technical and leadership experience

James oversaw critical projects during his tenure including Fairbairn Dam spillway upgrade, Beardmore Dam piping repair and Paradise Dam essential works where the height of the structure as reduced by 5 metres. He understands the importance of hydrological variability, risk appetite and historical decisions to inform the next steps. He used such methods to engage new methods of engineering study at Burdekin Falls Dam, that resulted in a saving of $300 million for the State of Queensland in unnecessary spillway capacity. He is a member of the Climate Change Committee of the International Committee on Large Dams (ICOLD), and Climate Resilience is a member of ANCOLD.

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Demonstrated Results

He implemented a complete revision of Sunwater asset portfolio risk leading to a major reallocation of risk and CAPEX project planning. He designed the Emergency Action Plan document that is now adopted by the Qld Dam Safety Regulator and is an expert in the systems and processes that underpin the management of dam emergencies with experience of piping, major earthquake, cyclones and record floods. Climate Resilience can provide the following services:

  • Dam safety frameworks

  • Emergency action plans

  • Value vs. Cost consideration

  • Comprehensive risk process

  • Asset Portfolio Risk Assessments

  • Board advisory

  • Construction risk management

  • Peer Review

  • ALARP assessment

  • Expert Witness

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