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TCFD Framework 

Adopting the TCFD framework, Climate Resilience can help thorugh the use of existing Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) RCP emission based scenarios, or others that we can develop specifically tailored to your business.The goal is to provide an inclusive approach whereby the outcomes have input from all levels of staff and business units whilst aligning with existing Governance, strategic, risk and reporting frameworks.



Disclosures of the Board and management involvement in climate related issues is a simple affair if you are committed to the implementation and embedding of climate change management in your organisation.



Aligned with Board guided strategy, disclosure is focused on time related evidence based thinking and how that has been integrated with the business planning cycle, strategy and finances. Ascertaining the overall impact to strategy of climate change scenarios is a great stress tester for the Board and management.

Climate Resilience can assist in developing or reviewing these core elements from deep experience gained through managing a 1.3 billion portfolio of climate impacted assets with associated business and financial impacts.



Disclosure statements are based around identification, managing and integration of risk related to climate change. This is where things get more granular. A number of key physical risk scenarios have been developed for the Australian context to inform the beginnings of a conversation.

Climate Resilience has the background in climate, weather and governance alongside impacts and legislative requirements to achieve good outcomes. A key activity for risk analysis is assumption challenge to ensure the organisation is has the balance right between risk tolerable/averse.



These can be developed based on the needs of the Executive and Board but generally disclose the metrics used, emission scenario scope and targets to manage the risk or opportunities.

These four elements together form the basis of the TFCD disclosures. Climate Resilience can be there guiding each step.

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