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Water resources and end to end frameworks for flood and drought  

James is one of Australis most experienced water industry experts from senior roles in the Bureau of Meteorology and at Sunwater. He has led teams through some of Australia's most extreme weather events including 2 o cat. 5 cyclones in addition to drought planning and for significant urban centers. He has a deep understanding of the meteorology, hydrology and its impact on infrastructure, communities and enterprises. 



An expert in floods, James has been at the forefront of operational and strategic matters relating to end to end flood warning and river forecasting that includes flood estimation, flood risk, rain and river gauging, dams, resilience and recovery. James contributed to the 2011 flood commission and has recently been assisting the Queensland Reconstruction Authority with flood risk assessments related to the Resilient Homes Fund and voluntary buy backs.  



James understands from first hand experience how to plan for drought resilience. Water supply for remote communities is often complex. Storage curves are often subject to significant variability. Climate Resilience can assist in your community or enterprise in preparing a drought resilience plan to you can prepare a decision-making framework and avoid a crisis.


Water Resources

At Sunwater, James was accountable for 40% of the commercial water available in Queensland. Climate Resilience has the capability relating to water security and resource operation planning. 

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